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Is there no room for cult cinema now??

Movies like Mother India, Mugleazam, Mera naam joker, Agneepath (1990), Dil Se, Lakshya, Sholay, Andaz Apna Apna (1994), Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (1986) and many more are the real gems of Bollywood. These movies have set new benchmarks for the filmmakers in making.

These cult films are known for their passionate fan base, an elaborate subculture that engage in repeated viewings, quoting dialogue and audience participation. 

I personally feel that Bollywood today is some what lacking behind in living up to its own rich history. These days a…

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My life- This is how the story unveils

Our life turns out to be who we were and how we managed to get through the toughest hours of our life. It is not the aura of our present that defines us, but I strongly believe that “incidents” in our life give us the real NAME.

It has been said that our present is just a link to the chain of our life. We are never sure what it will be, until we turn around to look back the chain of incidents that has made what we are today.

As a child, I was always inclined to do cultural activities in my school, but ironically the stage never li…

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How to Promote and Brand Yourself

In today's time everything revolves around promotion. The success and failure of any venture or idea depends upon how well you have promoted it. Coz lets face it.. if people don't know about you or your business.. then you loose the possible opportunity. Obscurity is the biggest problem..Number one problem in today's time..

Whenever people google about your nature of business then your name should come up. If that is not happening you are going to blame the market. People should know about you and your business. 

That is why I have l…

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5 Powerful Benefits of Story Based Marketing Video

These days video presentation is becoming a necessity to every business, for sales experts or even to internal training leaders. 
Imagine you are sitting in a board room to pitch an incredible business idea to your prospective client. You are ready with your 40-50 slide presentation and all the required documents.
You have prepared and rehearsed many a times and you know how to convince the client. 
Here comes the client. You can feel a slight tint of nervousness and anxiety. You fight back and now you are…

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Directing Actors

What to expect while on the set?

Film making is an incredible dream job. A profession where you'll be paid for living in a dream world.  On the set, the relationship between director and actors are very sensitive and crucial. 

Many a times actors feels that the director doesn't know what they are doing. Yes! its the hard reality which we as a director should know. The only reason is that the director is giving "vague" instructions to the actors, therefore the tuning between the tuning between the director and actor turns into a …

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Every Journey Starts With a Determination!

Have you ever heard something like "Smooth Mountain" No! Right..

To be honest, I have always been fascinated with this concept. I knew that setting up a film production firm all by my own wouldn't be an easy task. I knew that I will face many challenges but I was ready to get through all the odds.

During the shoot of App Money Mantra

My childhood was blessed with tremendous opportunities to explore my writing and photography skills. Imagining random stories has always been my favorite time pass. Now I realize that these things has actually helped me to become a visual st…

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The growth of Hollywood films at the box office and the impact it is having on Bollywood

Bollywood is no doubt the most fascinating and profitable industry in India. We have got various magnum opus to attract the audience in India and overseas. Having said that I wouldn't disagree that Hollywood has always set benchmarks in the Indian viewership.

What I mean here is that, Indian viewer will be more intrested in watching movies like Star wars than any other sifi movie made in Bollywood. Its the Indian mindset that is not ready to explore the possibilities that Bollywood too have the capability to make incredible films. 


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How film making came into my life?


“Film making is not only a form of art. It is the visual display of your own heart and soul.”
“I aspire to make commercial films which my audience love to watch again and again.”


I always wanted to be on the stage during my school days. But apparently the stage never liked me. There were incidents where unconsciously I made blunders and given my audience a good lau…

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7 Easy Steps To ENHANCE Your Movie WATCHING Experience

1- What’s Your Favourite Genre- First and foremost everyone prefers to watch a movie which is of some interests. Today film industry caters films which have many shades of life in a 2 hour film. Those who are inclined towards suspense thriller they may go for Gone Girl, The Equalizer or may be Shutter Island. People who wish to go out just for entertainment they may go for comedy movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dumb and Dumber To etc.



2. Read The Reviews- Read your movie’s review in more than one web portals or newspapers…

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Why Do I Need Marketing Video

Sales for any organization is crucial. We believe that the best way to craft a sales pitch is through a Sales Pitch Video/ marketing film. This kind of video production is new and is solely designed by Kraction Films Production and Communication for new and aspiring business person to showcase their expertise in a different and better way. This kind of marketing video overcomes challenges in getting response to your sales pitch e-mailers and social media marketing campaigns.
The idea of developing sales …

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Oscars: Mexico's film academy selects 'Cantinflas' for Foreign-Language Category

The film "Cantinflas" is a biopic about iconic comedian Mario Moreno. 
"Cantinflas" will be looking to make history as Mexico's first winner in the foreign language category. The untold story of Mexico's greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time, from his humble origins on the small stage to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Sebastian del Amo’s "Cantinflas" is an ambitious biopic that attempts to tell the life story of the pioneering Mexican comic actor while dramatizing a crucial week in the career of…

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Face Of "Developing" India

भारत प्रगती की ओर अग्रसर है... मगर हुमारे बीच कुछ भारतीय ऐसे भी है जिनको दो वक़्त का खाना भी नसीब नहीं हो पता है... पिछले दीनो हमारी केमरा टीम ने इन लोगो से बात करी...
उनके बारें में जान कर दूख तो हुआ पर यूँ अफ़सोस जाता कर क्या हासिल होगा.…

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Habits Of A Charismatic Person

Easy to adopt..and wonderful to possess.
An Exceptionally Charismatic Person is hard to forget. You may forget the name and face of that person but it is difficult to forget as how wonderful you felt with them. Their charm will remain with you forever.
You and I..or may be everyone wants to feel good and valued during any conversation. A person looses interest whenever he feels less important in any kind of social or may professional conversation. And either ways, your aim must be to give an impression or to show y…

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The Secret to Increase Your Sales

How Can I Improve My Videography and Photography Sales
You met people and hope they will pay you to take their portrait or film their event. I am sure you have noticed that not everyone you try to sell to actually buys from you. And hopefully you understand that even if they don’t buy from you today, they may buy from you tomorrow.
From ads to your online point of purchase itself, video helps people learn about your product, understand its appeal, and feel more confident buying it. Over 40 percent of sales can be…

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I Want To Increase Traffic On My Website

Solutions: I Want To Increase Traffic On My Website
Building good and consistent traffic on your website or on your social media portal is not that tough as it seems.
Here are the basic steps that you can take to increase traffic on your website.

1. Offer Quality Content On Your Site: These days people are fond of reading interesting articles and things that can be useful for them. Brain storm on what your target audience wants to know about the most. This can be any form of entertainment or solution to their pr…

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Global Movie and Entertainment Industry Trends

Key Trends That Independent Filmmakers Must Follow
In today’s dynamic entertainment environment, hundreds of movies release each year in Bollywood and find it difficult to stay afloat amidst the tough competition. The marketers behind these projects are forced to search for innovative ways to draw their audience towards the theaters.
With a change in growing trends, the marketing approach in Bollywood is changing too. New media is the latest platform to market movies. Movie websites, Social Networking Sites, blogs, m…

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These points should have been conveyed in a video, instead of an article. I had to give myself a pep talk to read for that long. Just kidding. Great article and great stuff to think about.

Don´t get in a battle with the audience - the audience make Cult Cinema - it´s always the script - a cult cinema is James Bond / with his own culture - and also Pulp fiction - every Cult cinema build his own CULT - interest in script for build Cult Cinema - see 2018 at joint venture with Hollywood and India

Keep inspiring!

Kinda Motivational ! Enjoyed reading :)

I achieved some real clarity after this reading - thanks for sharing.

Thanks for raising awareness about this issue.

Its a wonderful article. Keep it up

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