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Why traditional advertising is not helping you

Traditional advertising is an outdated concept now. Let’s be real- ain’t nobody got time to listen to boring video that is just “bragging” about how good THEY ARE.. it worked in stone age.. LoL OR when we just had Doordarshan and DD Metro.. (Some might not understand what I am trying to say- it’s not your fault.. you were born late..)

So.. basically when we had Doordarshan and DD metro as the sole source of consuming entertainment, we had not much choice to watch the TV commercials they used to run that time. Coz dahh.. we couldn’t fast forward or switch channels.

But.. but.. but.. Now we have so many options.. 900+ TV channels.. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and what not.. So why do you think people will invest 10-15mins of their time to watch you “BRAG” about how wonderful YOUR PRODUCT is.. I mean WHY.. They have their own issues to deal with.. ;)  

Can I be real baby.. these days people just want to watch stuff that can make them feel that YOU CARE… ABOUT THEM..

Yes! You read it right.. Today’s audience wants to consume films and videos that can uplift them or make them feel that you care about them.. It’s more about stories that THEY FEEL CONNECTED with emotionally or socially.

Go DIGITAL Bruhh..


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