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The growth of Hollywood films at the box office and the impact it is having on Bollywood

Bollywood is no doubt the most fascinating and profitable industry in India. We have got various magnum opus to attract the audience in India and overseas. Having said that I wouldn't disagree that Hollywood has always set benchmarks in the Indian viewership.

What I mean here is that, Indian viewer will be more intrested in watching movies like Star wars than any other sifi movie made in Bollywood. Its the Indian mindset that is not ready to explore the possibilities that Bollywood too have the capability to make incredible films. 

Hollywood has always influenced Indian viewers by giving great films like star wars, fast and furious series, Avengers, The Jungle Book, Avatar, Spectre, Mission Impossible to name a few. These films have influenced viewers to such extend that they are not ready to watch such kind of Bollywood films. Though I wont say that Bollywood films are anyway less than Hollywood films. 

Bollywood movies have shifting genres that reflects various unstable subcultures of India. It is more sentimental and melodramatic. However Hollywood moview have clear genre and are more specific & sophisticated.

However, it would be unfair to mention that Bollywood is gradually taking over the space by making films which are appreciated worldwide. But we still need director like Satyajit Ray, who can give such movies that can be watched and preserved even by the Hollywood.


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