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My life- This is how the story unveils

Our life turns out to be who we were and how we managed to get through the toughest hours of our life. It is not the aura of our present that defines us, but I strongly believe that “incidents” in our life give us the real NAME.

It has been said that our present is just a link to the chain of our life. We are never sure what it will be, until we turn around to look back the chain of incidents that has made what we are today.

As a child, I was always inclined to do cultural activities in my school, but ironically the stage never liked me. Ever!

I still remember, every time when I went up to the stage, it gave me humiliation for some or the other reason. Sometimes I acted the entire scene unaware that the microphone was at the other side of the stage and the audience used to have a good laugh on my goof up.

I still remember the day when I participated in my school charity function (As I always had a soft corner for helping the needy), and to everyone’s surprise, I participated in all the activities, comprising of fashion show, theatre, group dance and group vandana (Ironically I was the lead singer- why ironicall?.. well... you’ll find out soon).

Though we practised everything but ironically there was not one activity in which I haven’t created a scene (though unintentionally). The group vandana was the worst among these. We were told that the microphone is not working, so we have to sing a little louder than usual, but in the middle of vandana it started working but.. but.. but.. by that time we were so engrossed in the song that we didn’t care to see my mentor’s gesture and we (“I” coz I was right in front of the microphone) literally blew up everyone’s ear drums..

These incidents were hinting that the stage is not my place and I should incline towards academics. But I never gave up. I used to be an average student with craziness to get good marks but my first and only love was.... and will always be ART.

As a teenager, I never knew that our summer vacations were grooming me towards the profession that will become my life now. During the hot summer afternoons, I and my sister used to read books as a news reporter. We used to do exactly how the news readers used to read out news- their gesture, their way of speaking.. Everything... That time it was just for fun but now I know that it was one of the links to the chain.

I still remember that during the bed times, I used to imagine random stories and that was the real entertainment of my life. That time, I never realized that it was helping me to become a STORY-TELLER. Life was playing its role and like an innocent child I was following it whole heartedly.

As I grew up, I found my unconditional love for photography and video making. My love for monsoon was like a never ending wait for a restless lover. The first drop of rain was enough for me to take out my camera to capture the silver line of the clouds, the sun saying “hello” from the dark clouds and later the droplets on the leaves and flowers. Somehow, I realized that through these pictures I can actually make a story and thanks to “windows movie maker” (The magic wand of that time), I started making videos with the help of pictures, text and of course background score.

My Love For Photography -During My High School

But being a big time introvert, I was not sure of taking up full time career in media industry. With lots of uncertainty I landed up in Amity University for mass communication. Till the first semester, I convinced myself to make my career in print media- coz it’s all about writing; or I should say it a good escape for an introvert like me.

But gradually my life unveiled the real story.. I could chain the links from my past... I could finally found out that film making is what I am born for. But my introvert nature was the biggest road block.

I used to be a “quiet” student during my collage days- which was not likely to be expected from a media student. But thanks to my Print Media professor- Mr Mahadev, who pushed me to get through my introvert nature. I am and will always be thankful to him and to all my mentors for helping me in giving strength and knowledge for transforming my hobby into my profession... The profession which is everything to me now...

Shot from the play we did in Amity School of Communication, Lucknow on Child Labor during UP Media Summit

Now as I work in a media industry, as a film director and an entrepreneur of Kraction Films Production now.. I can make out that how these series of incidents have made me what I am right now. I know there is still long way to go..

But... this is how the story of my life unveiled before me...

Let me know how your story of life unveiled before you..

Be Great!

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