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How to Promote and Brand Yourself

In today's time everything revolves around promotion. The success and failure of any venture or idea depends upon how well you have promoted it. Coz lets face it.. if people don't know about you or your business.. then you loose the possible opportunity. Obscurity is the biggest problem..Number one problem in today's time..

Whenever people google about your nature of business then your name should come up. If that is not happening you are going to blame the market. People should know about you and your business. 

That is why I have listed 4 key habits on How to Promote and Brand Yourself

1- Become a source of relevant information. 

People should call you for expert advice. They need to trust you on your ideas and suggestions. If you keep yourself updated then, my friend, congratulations.. you are already taken the first step towards building your personal brand

2- Get your story straight. Everyone is a hero in their own life. 

So, like any origin story, yours will shed light on your motivation, your roots and your goals. You just need to find the parts that are worth telling and that starts with examining your life to unearth what you're really about. 

3- Spread your story through visual storytelling. 

These days content marketing is overshadowing all the cliche forms of advertising. 

Let's be real.. nobody has that much patience to watch a 15 ming video, bragging about how great the product or services it. These days its more about the story.. Its more about a promise to the audience.. that the time spent on watching a video will be worth spending. Everyone wants to know a story which can motivate them or at least trigger some kind of emotion.

4- Be Yourself. Maintain your social media profile.

Your social media profile should represent your work, your ideas, goals and your aspirations. This helps them to understand you and your brand better. No one wants to know what kim kardashian wore at met gala 2018 from your profile.. unless you are a Page 3 journalist or a blogger.. or something... 
Keep generic stuff for people to google.. Keep you page specific to your expertise and aspirations.

5. Be Great! And have undivided attention on your GOAL.


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