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How to GROW YOUR BUSINESS with Online Video

Let's review the fact about having a video for your business. First, we are living in a digital era where every person carries smart phone and has an access to the thing called the internet. Internet is a very dangerous place as a person can look for anything to everything (you know what I mean.. Just kidding; Although that's true). Anyways, the thing I want to tell you is that you may have very brilliant business idea and working well offline with your known clients/customers. But when it comes to the new ones. You may have a very great cold call and they may be ready to pull the trigger. But suddenly they look for your business and they couldn't find any impactful content. You may have a beautifully design website; filled with thousands of words. But who reads that much.

So, having a video for your business these days, is not just a Luxury it has become a necessity now.

1. Create a "Memorable Brand" through video

It has been said that the best product doesn't win but BEST KNOWN PRODUCT WINS in the market. How can you expect someone to contact you when they don't KNOW YOU or YOUR BUSINESS. It's that simple. KILL OBSCURITY WITH AN INTRIGUING VIDEO.

2. Generate Repeatable Sales

No business can grow without an effective and efficient sales process. From first touch to closed sale, you need a solid system to nurture and convert your leads. And video can play an important role in that. 

You can use client's testimonials as well as success stories to create credibility and authenticity. These kind of video also connects well with your potential clients.

3. Go Live With Your Own Webinar

So this is the easiest and most affordable way to promote and grow your business. Use the piece of technology you have.. called the smart phone. Go live and share your ideas and engage audience. 

4. Make Sure You are Using Videos to Generate Leads

Be specific with investing your time, energy and money on your business video. It has to spread the word about your company and also should have a call-to-action details. That means what do you want your audience to do after watching your video. Do they need to call you, drop an email or download any ebook. Choose wisely.

5. Deliver Value First

The best way to grow your business through online video is that you need to create VALUE FIRST for your prospective clients.

Regardless of the medium you use. Your video should answer the most basic and cliche question, "WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOUR PROSPECTIVE CLIENT". 

If you keep bragging about how great your business idea is and not telling the audience about WHY THEY SHOULD CARE? Then you may loose the golden opportunity even you have an amazing and flashy video for your business.

Business growth is developed on a solid foundation of sales, marketing, recruitment, customer service and community. Video can help to build and reinforce that foundation. And as valuable pieces of reusable content, they can continue to drive business growth for years to come.

Just remember that successfully investing in video means having a plan for specifically how and where that content will be be used to support wider business activity.

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