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Habits Of A Charismatic Person

Easy to adopt..and wonderful to possess.
An Exceptionally Charismatic Person is hard to forget. You may forget the name and face of that person but it is difficult to forget as how wonderful you felt with them. Their charm will remain with you forever.
You and I..or may be everyone wants to feel good and valued during any conversation. A person looses interest whenever he feels less important in any kind of social or may professional conversation. And either ways, your aim must be to give an impression or to show your charm which stays with the person whom you are talking with.
Here Are The Tips Which You Must Adapt In Your Lifestyle
1. Embrace Imperfection: It is a myth that most charismatic people are perfect in every ways.The only difference is that they accept the imperfection they have. Vulnerability will make you more likable. As you don't have to portray things which are not there in you. So, if you are nervous then use this as to connect with the one you are talking to. Coz this will add to the bonding between the one you are talking to. 
Everyone gets nervous in certain circumstances so they will understand and make their efforts to make you feel comfortable. Just express honestly the way you feel at that moment. That's all. 
2. Avoid Narcism During The Conversation: People really don't like a person who is self-interested during any conversation. Because this can be annoying to them. The best way is ask questions which can make the other person openup their heart to talk. 
Also, avoid old/cliché questions like "how are you doing?" etc. Rather you can ask such questions which can give me the liberty to think and feel that you are actually interested in what he wants to talk about. Questions like, "Can you tell me something more about the recent hobby/project that you are doing." Or "Tell me something more about your recent achievement." This will make him feel good about the things which he is really proud of. Also, such questions will make him feel that you are actually interested in his story.
3. Avoid Being Judgmental About Someone: Don't gossip about someone as this will also give a bad impression about you as well. Speaking bad about someone in their absence will only show what you really are. The person right in front of you will not only judge that person (as, you have given facts to support your gossip) but also analyze your traits as well, as you are the one who is speaking bad for that person. So, this will make him feel uncomfortable to express himself honestly as their could be a possibility that you might give bad comments later about him as well.
4. Praise Enthusiastically: People tend to like those who don't gossip but gush about other people. But praising someone has to be genuine. Be natural to what best you like about the other person.
5. Use Correct Body Language While You Speak: Using correct hand gestures and posture will make the other person comfortable in having a conversation with you. Putting your hands on the table and leaning slightly towards that person will make room for building up rapport.
Avoid tucking your hands behind or folding hands during the conversation. As this will be distracting. Also leaning back with folded hands is a non-verbal communication that you are not interested in having a conversation. So a big NO! NO! during any conversation.
6. Maintain Eye Contact..Always.

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