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Every Journey Starts With a Determination!

Have you ever heard something like "Smooth Mountain" No! Right..

To be honest, I have always been fascinated with this concept. I knew that setting up a film production firm all by my own wouldn't be an easy task. I knew that I will face many challenges but I was ready to get through all the odds.

During the shoot of App Money Mantra

My childhood was blessed with tremendous opportunities to explore my writing and photography skills. Imagining random stories has always been my favorite time pass. Now I realize that these things has actually helped me to become a visual storyteller.

Before starting my firm, I took all the opportunities to work as a writer, Assistant director, Production Manager and Film Director. This has helped me to know the work from inside-out.

I have started Kraction Films Production with the vision to make great films. I started this with zero working capital and therefore I couldn't hire anyone to help me design the website, company's logo or V-cards. So, I designed all this by my own. Finance has always been a major issue for start-ups. It actually slows down the entire process. 

I knew it will be an uphill battle but I found out a way out in a very early stage. As I had a pretty decent work profile so my clients has always been confident enough to handover many challenging assignments. Their advance payment has given me mobility to execute in the initial stage of video production.

Now I am really blessed to have such a great associations with some of the biggest brands Like HCL, SportzCraft, The Dollar Business, Nestle, Cisco, AIS, Khadi Gram Udyog, IPSC, Airtel, ESIC to name a few in the industry. Its like a dream come true. 

During my childhood I used to live in a dream and now I still do for a living.

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