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Directing Actors

What to expect while on the set?

Film making is an incredible dream job. A profession where you'll be paid for living in a dream world.  On the set, the relationship between director and actors are very sensitive and crucial. 

Many a times actors feels that the director doesn't know what they are doing. Yes! its the hard reality which we as a director should know. The only reason is that the director is giving "vague" instructions to the actors, therefore the tuning between the tuning between the director and actor turns into a GUESSING GAME.

The Reason:
RESULT ORIENTED DIRECTION- The bitter reality in today's time we incline towards "result oriented direction". This entails that we give instructions like "Can you be little quick" or "Please tone it down" or "Make it less angry"

These instructions are very vague while the director expects the actor will understand what "exactly" he expects. This is why the act looks artificial as the actor looses its control from the genuine feeling he should have in the scene. 

The Solution:
The Director should give instructions which are playable. Verbs, facts, images, events and physical tasks are more playable because they are choosable and repeatable. 
For example, in place of the direction to "be defensive" you can use any one of the following:
To complain, to belittle, or to warn. 

Or; if you want an actor to "Play it sexy (adjective)" you might ask him "to flirt" with her; or "to be more angry" you might suggest that she should "accuse" or "punish" him.

This shift in concentration allows and encourages the actors to LISTEN and to ENGAGE.

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