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7 Easy Steps To ENHANCE Your Movie WATCHING Experience

1- What’s Your Favourite Genre- First and foremost everyone prefers to watch a movie which is of some interests. Today film industry caters films which have many shades of life in a 2 hour film. Those who are inclined towards suspense thriller they may go for Gone Girl, The Equalizer or may be Shutter Island. People who wish to go out just for entertainment they may go for comedy movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dumb and Dumber To etc.



2. Read The Reviews- Read your movie’s review in more than one web portals or newspapers. is your best buddy when it comes to movie review.

3. Grab Your News Diet- Keep yourself updated about all the progress and development the film is making in the market. Grab all the news which is related to the movie you are planning to watch. Box Office Reviews are must.


4. Listen To The Music Track- It’s better to listen to some of the music track, if any, the film is holding in its name. This will help you stay connected with the movie in the theater. 


5.  Speak About The Film With Your Friends- No doubt friends can give you enough material to decide whether to go for the movie. Make sure you can dig out all the exciting things you should know about the movie. Ask for their review on the film.

6. A BIG NO-NO- Never look for the story of the film before actually experiencing it by yourself. This can ruin your excitement when you are actually there in the theatre. If anyone is eager to tell you the story- simply..Say NO!

7. Watch the Trailer- Before booking the tickets make sure that the trailer of the film is creating a “HOOK” to drive you straight to the movie theatre. If not..Think AGAIN

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