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5 Powerful Benefits of Story Based Marketing Video

These days video presentation is becoming a necessity to every business, for sales experts or even to internal training leaders. 
Imagine you are sitting in a board room to pitch an incredible business idea to your prospective client. You are ready with your 40-50 slide presentation and all the required documents.
You have prepared and rehearsed many a times and you know how to convince the client. 
Here comes the client. You can feel a slight tint of nervousness and anxiety. You fight back and now you are ready to give the best presentation of your life. You know you are capable to work on this project. You have made all the right points in your presentations.
But suddenly you find a sudden jolt. The client tells you that he has just 5 min to hear your idea. Obviously you have to respect his time but now you have to wind up the entire process in just 5 min.
Yes! Its sounds like a generic incident that happens with most of us.
But thanks to the concept of story based marketing video that has become a magic wand for many business owners and sales experts...
5 Powerful Benefits of Story Based Marketing Video:

1- Social Media Loves Story Based Video Content

These days content based videos are trending. Coming out with story based idea stitched around a particular brand or idea is what everyone loves to watch today. It’s engages the audience more than the standard product video; which brag about the product or services and care the least about what the audience wants to see. 

2- To Enhance Your Brand Value
Story Based Marketing Video enhances your brand value as every story comes up with the idea of “MAKE ME CARE”. The fundamental promise to the audience, that the story will lead them somewhere that’s worth their TIME. 
3- Builds Trust and Credibility
Content Based Marketing Video builds trust and credibility for your brand. It creates the personality for your brand and helps your perspective clients to understand more about your company. A study shows that about 90% of online customers report that a BUSINESS’S PRODUCT OR SERVICE VIDEO helps them make a DECISION TO BUY. And TRUST translates to SALES.
4- Your SALES TEAM Loves Story Based Marketing Video 
Yes! It’s true that Story Based Marketing Video is the biggest collateral you can give to your sales team. A video is self explanatory and engages its audience well. The power comes with Story Based Marketing Video can not only help your team to pitch well but also it has very high CONVERSATION RATIO. Recent research says 71% of marketers report video conversion rates outperform their other content marketing efforts.
5- Now, IMAGINE.. If you could watch a video on this topic instead of going through these 500 words I wrote...

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