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"Be Daring, Be Different, Be Impractical,
be anything that will assert integrity of purpose
and imaginative vision against 
the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace,
the slaves of the ordinary."

About Kraction Films Production

Kraction Films Production and Communication is a film production and public relation firm founded in the year 2011. This is registered under Indian Partnership Act 1932. 

We provide integrated solutions for various communication needs. We believe in bridging the communication gaps through our innovative video concepts. This solution not only help in organizational development but also can express your feelings in an effective manner. 


As a film production company, we help you to build trust and credibility for your brand. Kraction Films Production provide integrated solutions for various video communication needs. We believe in bridging the communication gaps through our innovative video concepts. 

Kraction Films Production and Communication passionately believes in giving a video production solution which can help in bridging any kind of communication gaps. We believe that a 2-5 min video always works best as compared to text heavy documents about a product or services. A video is always self explanatory, it engages and persuades its audience well.

A film can articulate your message clearly and effectively.. Dont believe us??

So, let us know which of these two options are easy to understand..

20 page presentation or a 5 mins video about a particular product or services.

If your answer is a video then we can bet you already have a video about your product or services. If NOT..then we can help you to make one for you. As we happen to be the COMMUNICATION EXPERTS and we use VISUAL STORY TELLING TOOL to make IMPRESSIVE VIDEOS.

Kraction Films Production helps you in developing Video Animated Videos, YouTube Advertising Videos, Explainer Videos,Web series, Marketing Video, Sales Video, Induction and Training Videos.


  1. Short Films
  2. AD Films
  3. Marketing Films
  4. Sales Videos
  5. Fiction Based Training Videos
  6. 2D and 3D Animation Videos
  7. Public Relations


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Director's Profile

Kriti Sharma- Writer | Director | Entrepreneur

HER SLOGAN ► Creative Film Making is everything to her- her Passion, Obsession and Commitment

WHAT SHE DOES ► She is very passionate to communicate ideas through VISUAL STORYTELLING a.k.a film making. She always carry a clear perspective about what she wants in every film. This is tied to her ethical obligation too. She has an expertise in directing films for various service and product based industries.

She have been in this industry for about 5 years now, and have made more than 20 AD films, corporate video, training, marketing, and HR based films for various clients in India and abroad.

WHOM SHE HAS WORKED WITH ► She is closely associated with many advertising agencies and production houses. She has worked for clients like HCL, CISCO, App money mantra, Anupam food product services, Nestle, IPSC, Maggi, GlassXperts, ESIC, BSES, Delhi Bomb Defusing Squd- “Operation Sahyog-II”, SIFY- Ahmadabad, DMRP, IIFT-2011 to name a few

HER AIM ► Her goal is to make many feature films for commercial as well as for parallel cinema- films which can bring some amount of change in the society. She strives to receive global recognition and acceptance for the efforts is trying to put in today's cinema.

Corporate video production   Marketing video production   Explainer video production  Wedding video production

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️Filmmaker | Living My Dream Motivator | Achiever @kritin7 #kractionfilms #kritisharma #filmdirector #filmproductions


  • A great start-up with a team of dedicated and experienced professional from the industry. Hard working team which provides full support and customization at every end.  

- Aayush Talwar

  • Highly recommended for all communication and production related work. Had great time working with them. Keep it up !!

- Parth

  • I really appreciate the efforts that you have given for my short film. Kudos to the team. All the very best for your future projects.

- Tulika Sharma

  • Great team with responsible people.

- Yogesh Ali

  • Good work guys..GOOD IMPACT from the film you made for us. All the best!

- Rishabh


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